Screen 10: The Unknown

I feel sorry, Willy Wonka. You’re rich, but sad. Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror? You need to close the chocolate factory, and become a clown in the circus. You need to become anonymous. Soon you’ll be a new person, with a new name, maybe Alan. You will come to accept the terms of the road: hot and sweaty, your feet hurting, and walk into the unknown.

Screen 9: Thinking and acting

The zen master says: . When you eat, eat; when you sleep, sleep.

Now as you sit erect, breathing regularly and slowly,  just sit erect, breathing regularly and slowly. So sat some unknown poet, simply aware of one sound and one sight:

A single cricket

Chirps, chirps, chirps,

And is still:

My candle sinks and dies.


Issa didn’t ask why his quiet composure had to be assaulted by one fly. He wrote:

One man

And one fly

In a large room