Screen 6: No Ego

The living you is always changing. Live now; accept yourself as you are now. Each moment you are lifted by a different wave. Each moment you are responding differently, as your chemical combinations change and result in different reactions to changing external stimuli. Go with what’s happening and be part of it with no ego to set itself apart. This could be startling to someone who believes that he is always the same person, and that his ego always speaks with the same voice. Ardent lovers know they blend without an edge.

Gray water and gray sand blend in the surf on a rainy day at the shore.                                                                                  -after Otsuji

Where’s that so-important, imagined ego

To  jettison it –  live and make patterns!

Screen 5: Collaborating with nature

A human being walking in the woods, relaxing tensions, getting in touch again with existential basics.

You, too, are a part of this harmony. Flow with it.

I follow thee:

A noiseless flower

In my inmost ears.

Onitsura expresses the nonduality of the two worlds. He has opened himself to the message from without; the communication takes place effortlessly, spontaneously, and silently. After me, many generations of descendants as happy as I.

Screen 4: The Self

Open yourself to deeply buried intuitions,

like Enlightened Buddha, sitting quietly.

Take in everything. Remake it.

The universe creates us; we create the universe.


The self and the universe are not separate entities

but one functioning whole.

The fragrance!

Though I know not

Whence it comes.

Basho expresses this unity at the Great Shrine of Ise. He feels both the spiritual and sensory influx.

Screen 3: Everything exists in relations to other things.

Everything is this present moment! What is the basis for harmony in human and non human nature?

Each working according to ancient Tao – the way things go.

Fallen leaves!

When the wind blows in the west

They gather in the east.


Even to get a morning drink, Chiyo could not bear to disturb this harmony:

A morning glory

Twined round the bucket –

I will ask my neighbor for water.